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The California Association of Child Welfare and Attendance maintains two interlinking websites for our members and friends.  This website is and it contains specific information on our organization, our leadership and communications.  The second website is and contains the main website pages what generates all of the data files needed to conduct the annual state conference, section events, maintain membership, and contact lists.  You can easily go from one site to the other by clicking the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the page.  We are actively updating the pages on both sites.  The state and each section will be updating the pages on a regular basis!

There will be better times ahead!

The Coronavirus crisis has been unbelievable!  The crisis is worldwide.  The United States and California have been seriously impacted.  It will take time to recover and there is a great amount of uncertainty as to what is ahead for California's Educators.

Our CASCWA organization will be placing communications on our website that you can hopefully use during the next few months of transition.   Our websites will be updated often and we will be sending out emails with links to important information.

















There is a lot CASCWA news to share with you pertaining to the past two months and where we are today:


  • First, we wish to commend the leadership of Evelyn Ocasio, our CASCWA President for 2019-20.  She did a great job of keeping us together as one organization, especially during the last two months of her presidency.  No CASCWA State President has ever had to face the challenges that Evelyn experienced.  She also took charge when it came to the end of the year activities and the transition to the 2021 presidency for Jennifer Mendel.  Thank you Evelyn for giving a new meaning to "Zoom."

  • Ms. Mendel is now our 2020-21 CASCWA State President.  Please go to the "Executive Team Page" on the top menu link.  You will find the names, positions and email addresses of the State Executive Board that is now assembled.  You will also find Jeni's president message.  A State Executive Board Meeting was held on May 13th.  On the bottom of the page, you will find the website area where all of the minutes will be posted.   

  • The 2020 CASCWA State Conference in San Diego was cancelled due to the Coronavirus crisis.  We were on the verge of releasing all of the names of the presenters and the presentations when the national shutdown was announced.  Southern Section President, Rick Riegel, is to be commended for several reasons.  First, he had put together incredible plans for the conference.  Secondly, he stepped up big time during the cancellation and interaction with the Bahia Hotel.  He also initiated the refund action that took place.  There was no refunds for registrants who had not paid.  A large number of refunds were mailed to school districts on May 1, 2020.  There were also refund sent out to those who paid with pay pal (there are few that are still outstanding.  Finally, Rick and the Southern Section Executive Board have taken their plans for the 2020 state conference and made the decision to proceed with the state conference at the Bahia Hotel in April of 2021.

  • CASCWA is currently updating their two websites.  Along with individual page revisions and updates, we are in the process of adding a "State SARB" page for the purpose of improving school attendance, once normalcy returns, a legislative page to keep our membership informed, and a linkage page to connect with several CWA sites that we consider to be important to CASCWA membership.

  • Thanks to Tom Mangione, we will be updating our membership site soon.  If you have not renewed your membership lately, we will be sending you a reminder to renew.  All memberships being renewed will be for one year from the date of renewal.

As you can see, there is a lot to do, especially in these difficult times.  Please check on our websites over the next few months and stay in touch!


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