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CWA professionals enable public school systems to comply with State laws and expected standards in the following areas of Student Support Services:

  • Compulsory education laws

  • Student admission and enrollment

Careers with CASCWA

How to Become A Qualified CWA

Title 5 regulations (Section 80632) govern the professional preparation of Child Welfare and Attendance Supervisors in conjunction with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and Commission approved college and university programs.

The School Child Welfare and Attendance Services specialization requires that candidates demonstrate knowledge in the following areas of generic pupil personnel services.

  • Knowledge of techniques for facilitating individual growth and development to achieve academic success;

  • Knowledge of human assessment;

  • Knowledge of problem prevention and early intervention;

  • Knowledge of consultation services;

  • Knowledge of psychological education;

  • Knowledge of coordination and development of services:

  • Knowledge of legal enablements and constraints and

  • Knowledge of referral and utilization of services

In addition to the knowledge requirements, candidates must also meet the specialization requirements in school counseling, school social work, or school psychology and acquire skill and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Attendance Laws and Rights of Minors; including

  • 90 clock hours of field practice, demonstrating skill and knowledge of Attendance Laws and the Rights of Minors, in a school setting, in direct contact with pupils and under the supervision of an experienced practitioner who holds a PPS Credential.

  • Any person wishing additional information about the regulations or approved college and university programs should contact the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing at (916) 327-1461. 

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