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Conference Cancellation and Refund Information

On March 11th, CASCWA cancelled the 2020 CASCWA State Conference in San Diego.  This cancellation was the direct result of the coronavirus crisis.

We have been receiving several emails regarding this decision and the goal of this email is to communicate with all of our registrants regarding the refund.

First, all registrations have been cancelled.  You need not contact us with a request to cancel.

Second, we will be sending refunds to all registrants who have paid. 

  • If your status is that of not paid, there will be no action required.

  • If you made payment through pay pal, after verifying the data, we will initiate pay pal's refund process.

  • If you paid though a check or if your district issued a purchase order and followed up with a check, we will be sending a refund check to either the individual who wrote the check or to the business office who issued the check.

The refund process will take some time, but we hope to proceed quickly in a timely manner.  There are a large number of refunds that we need to process. This is also compounded due to the mandates currently in place.

This is real issue of public health, and on behalf of Rick Riegel and the entire Southern Section Board, we wish each of you the best during these difficult times. 




CASCWA is an organization comprised of practitioners and educational experts who are dedicated to improving school climate, safety, increasing school attendance, reducing chronic absenteeism, increase graduation rates, and addressing social justice inequities. We have established ourselves as the State leaders in professional development in the area of student services.


Each year we come together for our annual state conference.  This year it will be in San Diego, California.  Our Southern Section Executive Board Members have been working diligently for the past two years in preparation for the "20/20 Vision for Student Services Conference."  They are bringing together experts in specific fields relating to student services.  We sincerely hope that all conference attendees will find this year's conference to be meaningful and important in their professional careers!


On September 4th, 2019, CASCWA began the registration process for our 2020 CASCWA State Conference.  We set a cap of 350 registrants.  Our conference committee was hoping that we would be able register 350 attendees by April of 2020.  The number of registrations greatly exceeded our expectations!  On November 12th, we received our 350th registration and a waiting list started. 


Our Southern Section Executive Board worked with the staff at the Bahia Resort Hotel and added additional sessions for presentations and we revised the cap to 420 registrants.  As of March 1st, there are 420 registrants and 59 entries in our waiting list.  We want to thank each and everyone on the lists for supporting our "20/20 Vision for Student Services Conference."


Our conference committee decided early in their planning to focus on six key areas.  The areas quickly became the strands that link the conference presentations to the main areas of interest of our conference attendees.  The names of the strands for this year's conference are:








Please click on the 2020 Vision above to see the specific focus for each conference strand!



We all recognize that the number one reason why our members and friends attend our conferences is for the presentation delivered from the experts in our student services fields.  There is so much to know and it is important to be up to date professionally.  We are always amazed at the questions and answers shared at the sessions.  We also witness the professional connections that take place that in many cases remain for a lifetime (please note that the presenters and daily schedule are subject to change.) 


We are in the process of process of posting information on this year's presenters.  Once posted, you can click on the 2020 Vision above to see specific presenter information and the title of their presentation!





We do not expect that the full conference program will be printed until it is closer to the conference.  However, we do anticipate that a rough daily schedule will be finalized within 3-4 weeks.  When we receive updates to post on the website we will send our an email to all registrants.
Once posted, please click on the 2020 Vision above to see the daily conference schedule!
  CASCWA's last few conferences, and other conferences throughout the state, have featured the popular "Sched."  Sched is an all-encompassing event management solution with a mobile web app and a custom native app for Android and iOS. With it, you can manage your events seamlessly even when you are on your mobile devices.  We are pleased to announce that our 2020 Vision Conference will be Sched available to our attendees!
Once our conference schedule is up an running, we will be posting information on accessing sched by clicking on on the 2020 Vision above!
CASCWA is grateful to the men and women who join our conference as sponsors and vendors.  We have found over the years that there is tremendous expertise in their table area, and, in many cases, you are talking directly to the number one person in their organization.  This year we will be putting together an information flyer that will provide our attendees, prior to the conference, with specific information about their organizations, their offerings and about the special representative manning the tables themselves! 
Once our sponsor/vendor flyer is finalized, we will be post and you can access the flyer by  clicking on on the 2020 Vision above!
Every year, all four CASCWA sections grant scholarships graduating senior high school students.  During the conference, there will be several items raffled off each day.  The money raised will help support CASCWA’s Southern Section Scholarship program.  In June, several students, who have overcome adversity and are graduating, will be granted financial support, provided that they continue forward with their education.  Also, one of the raffle items will be registration in next year's state conference being hosted by the Delta Sierra CASCWA Section.  Your support would be greatly appreciated!
One of the highlights of our annual CASCWA conferences is the recognition of the "Model SARB Award" recipients.  The California Department of Education oversees the process to identify school districts across the state with exemplary programs.  This year we are expanding CASCWA's efforts to assist CDE in promoting strong student attendance.  Prior to the conference, we hope to develop a central page on our website that will link CDE' exceptional resources with other agencies that will provide links to all of CASCWA's members and friends.  There will be a special day on Tuesday when we bring together our CASCWA awards recipients, the model CDE State SARB recipients, the cash activity and sounds of our DJ at the CASCWA Celebration.  This will be ton of fun and will be a great way to end the day! 
This year's conference will be held at the beautiful Bahia Resort Hotel.  Registration began on September 4th and by November, hotel had sold out.  The Catamaran hotel is one mile away and became the over flow hotel.  They were kind enough to offer the same rate as the Bahia Resort Hotel.  Below you will find a link to their websites and to their web page with driving directions!  

Information about San Diego

2020 CASCWA State Conference Updates
As you can see this page on our website will remain under construction until the conclusion of the 20/20 Vision for Student Services Conference.   We hope to be connecting this page to all the conference spots that are mentioned above as quickly as possible.  We will be sending several emails to all registrants.  Our State CASCWA will distributing the state newsletter in late June.  There will be updates on the presenters and the schedule of events.  The vendors flyers, sched information and much more will be coming.
We have a lot to do between now and April 20th.  This conference has the potential of being one of CASCWA's best!  We are all excited and we look forward to seeing you in San Diego!
We are all excited about our future updates!