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CASCWA is an organization comprised of practitioners and educational experts who are dedicated to improving school climate, safety, increasing school attendance, reducing chronic absenteeism, increase graduation rates, and addressing social justice inequities. We have established ourselves as the State leaders in professional development in the area of student services.


On September 4th, 2019, CASCWA began the registration process for our 2020 CASCWA State Conference.  We set a cap of 350 registrants due to the size of the conference facilities.  Our conference committee was hoping that we would be able register 350 attendees by April of 2020.  The number of registrations have greatly exceeded our expectations!  On November 12th, we received our 350th registration and a waiting list started.

We know that several registrants will cancel their registrations permiting others on the waiting list to attend.  Our conference committee intends on sending out a notice at the end of February to all registrants who have not paid, who have not initiated a purchase order or communicated payment that their registration will be removed in late March permitting registration from the waiting list.

Our conference committee is busy working on the program, presenters and events.  We hope that the 2020 CASCWA State Conference will be meaningful to all attendees.  We also hope to share material and power points with our membership and friends.

Below you will find "Call for Presenter" information.  Also, the Bahia Resort Hotel sold out and below you will find information on the close by Catamaran Hotel (please see link below.)

Our CASCWA Delta Sierra Section is already busy at work preparing for the 2021CASCWA State Conference!

                            Bahia Resort Hotel                                                                 Catamaran Resort Hotel
2020 CASCWA State Conference Updates
The Southern Section Conference Committee is busy planning for the 2020 CASCWA State Conference.  Over the next few months, we will be posting updates.  We hope to provide our membership information on the sessions, schedule, speakers, activities, vendors, model SARB awards, events, and much more.  We are living in world of technology and hope to communicate through a variety of means.  Once the conference is over, we hope to post much of the conference material, powerpoints and speaker information on our website at this page!
Please look foward to our future posts!

Pictorial Memories of the 2019 CASCWA State Conference

Evelyn Ocasio and the entire Bay Section Executive Board are to be commended for a job well done!


This year's CASCWA State Conference was held at the Silverado Resort in Napa from April 17th to the 19th.  The 2020 State Conference will be held at the Bahia Hotel in San Diego and information will be placed on this page of our website soon.  We have placed several memories of the 2019 State Conference in the boxes to the left/below.  Please click on the boxes and enjoy!

Sponsor of the 2019 Model SARB Award 

The California Associations of Supervisors of Child Welfare & Attendance is again proud to host the 2019 Model SARB Awards in partnership with the California Department of Education and SchoolsFirst. 


The "Model SARB Recognition Program" is making a positive difference for students throughout Californis.  This year's recipients were recognized on April 19th.  The awards were presented by CDE's David Kopperud and Dan Sackheim.